List of the partners (in no particular order) of the CARESSES project who, through their unique and complementary multidisciplinary competencies, were key to the success of the grant application and will develop, test and assess the culturally competent robot.

University of Genova, Italy
EU/Joint Coordinator
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Antonio Sgorbissa
Orebro University, Sweden
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Alessandro Saffiotti
Middlesex University, UK
Transcultural Nursing, Culturally Competent Healthcare
Prof. Irena Papadopoulos
University of Bedfordshire, UK
Evaluation of complex public health interventions
Dr. Chris Papadopoulos
Advinia Healthcare Limited, UK
Health care, Network of Care Homes
Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
JP Coordinator
Human-Robot Interaction, Smart Home Automation
Prof. Nak Young Chong
Nagoya University, Japan
Social Psychology, Human-Robot Interaction
Prof. Hiroko Kamide
Chubu University, Japan
Human-Robot Interaction, Human Behaviour Analysis
Prof. Jaeryoung Lee

Pepper Robot by Softbank Robotics